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   Spring and summer trend geometric aesthetics [03/05/17 04:52AM]   
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2017 spring and summer, bright color, unrestrained lines are all declared geometric aesthetics return. Designers are inspired by "New Modeling Doctrine" and "Bauhaus Style". In addition to the Mondrian name for the "red, yellow, blue composition," the re-interpretation of the details of the irregular reengineering is undoubtedly the designers of the season's good show, shaped heel and irregular contours of the Michael Kors handbags so that this season's accessories in the more Building a sense of surprise at the same time.


Crystal ornaments and fine embroidery, like, comparable to the magic of jewelry, can be ordinary for the magic. This season, in the designer's ingenuity, dotted with crystal clothing exudes like a high set of gorgeous sense. Accessories, crystal dressed has been the footwear brand René Caovilla's good show, this season is no exception, decorated with small grain of fine crystal sandals, brought back to Mary Antoineette era palace night of the illusion.


T-shirt can be seen everywhere canned gold and silk screen printing portraits, perhaps the most direct proof of Pop art and fashion in close contact http://www.designerbagsshops.com. This season, Louis Vuitton's second dimension ad indicates that the secondary wall collapsed again, the wave of upsurge again from the street to the show, those living in the common images, such as the final fantasy and flying little policewoman, both with high fashion seamless Blending Accessories, full of pop taste of a single product is undoubtedly show the personality of the suction eye artifact, suitable for each appearance serious heart rebellious you.


This season, when the hollow of this carving art experience designer's ingenuity, rich architectural sense of high fashion came into being. Very wide fabric and semi-transparent texture outlines the characteristics of urban women set independence and charm in one. Accessories, good at catching the characteristics of women Alaïa is undoubtedly worthy of the wise choice, hollow carved leather more agile, but not clumsy. Of course, choose a Cheap Michael Kors Bags, do not forget to carefully organize the items in the handbag.


"Heart Tigers, but restrained in the daily trivial life" is probably a true portrayal of most urban women. This season, insight into the psychological designers of women with the daily profile with the beast elements, the release of your heart wild. Both sexy and gorgeous leopard, serpentine, crocodile pattern is still hot classic, and show free and easy to the zebra is the season can not be underestimated the "dark horse." Accessories, it is worth noting that the overall selection of rare leather handbag is not a fashionable choice http://www.designerbagsshops.com, and in the conventional handbags to do with rare leather embellishment can play the opposite effect of painting dragon.


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